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If you are wondering what is the most played free to play game of all time, I will give you quick and true answer. It’s one and only Clash of Clans. You probably heard something about this game because it’s very famous and played mobile game. Clash of Clans is made by very popular gaming company called SuperCell which made Hay Day game for facebook and mobile phones too. As i said good thing about Clash of Clans is that this game is free to play and does not require any sort of paying to be played. You can download this game via official stores for each platform. I must say that this game was released for IOS mobile platform first and year later for Android.Find out more about new updated Clash of Clans guide by going on this new website:

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Clash of Clans is online strategy game which gained big popularity in a short period of time. Everybody downloaded this game and played it, I can say that because Clash of Clans has over 100 millions of users. This game is all about running a small village and small army. All you should to do is to make some progress and make stronger army to be able to defend from other villages. For fast progress you will need a lots of gold, gems and elixirs. Those three main resources you can earn by playing and doing quests and achievements. But sometimes that is not enough to speed up progress since its very slow and painful path.

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That’s why SuperCell introduced his users with new option to buy additional resources with real money via official App store and Google Play store. That also made game more unbalanced since people who were buying additional resources with real money could progress a lot faster and make bigger army than other players. That’s why they made little programs called Clash of Clans glitches and generators. With those kind of glitching tools you can generate a big amounts of main three resources and progress fast as others without investing money. Take that in mind before you start buying resources with real money. You can just find free exploit tool online and generate unlimited amounts of additional resources in just a few minutes. So what are you waiting? Go and find your free exploit tool, and generate crazy amounts of main resources for free.